1.3.8 External links and resources to be used at home


The Five Cs Model of Positive Youth Development, http://exploresel.gse.harvard.edu/frameworks/52

The UDL guidelines, https://udlguidelines.cast.org/

Guide appropriate goal-setting, https://udlguidelines.cast.org/action-expression/executive-functions/goal-setting/goal-setting

Executive functions, https://udlguidelines.cast.org/action-expression/executive-functions/executive-functions

Self-assessment and reflection skills, https://udlguidelines.cast.org/engagement/self-regulation/self-assessment-reflection

UDL, https://www.ahead.ie/udl

Examples of UDL in the classroom, https://www.readingrockets.org/article/5-examples-universal-design-learning-classroom


What is Universal Design for Learning (UDL)?,

UDL Series Part 3: HOW to UDL, Engagement,

UDL Series Part 3: HOW to UDL, Representation,

UDL Series Part 3: HOW to UDL, Action/Expression,

UDL: Reducing Barriers to Learning,


Seeing UDL in Action in the Classroom,

UDL Guidelines in Practice: Grade 1 Mathematics,

UDL Guidelines in Practice: Grade 6 Science,

UDL Strategies for Reading,