Training course on “Inclusive Creativity through Educational Artmaking

Course content description:

This course has the aim of transmitting knowledge and competences about inclusive education and students’ well-being  promotion through art-making.

The training course on “Inclusive Creativity through Educational Art-making” includes both theoretical and practical sections, that you will be asked to follow directly on the platform and as homeworks, in order to make the learning process more interactive and engaging. The course’s total duration is 45 hours.

Through the course you will be able to know more about:


Inclusive education

21st Century Skills and Universal Design of Learning

– Digital tools for promoting inclusive education

– Challenges to inclusion and how to overcome them in classroom

-Practical art-based activities to promote inclusiveness

– Open-mindness and empathy

– Ability to promote inclusiveness into school and community settings

– Ability to select, adapt, implement and assess art making activities

– Ability to assessment of inclusive activity

– Ability to do a needs assessment of inclusivity in classroom

– Capacity to use digital tools for promoting inclusion


Project partnership:

Authors of the Methodological Material and the Curriculum content:

Ailincai Alina, Ceylan Demet, Erbasi Hacer, Erdogan Seyit Ahmet, Ferrari Lea, Gheorghiu Irina, Gleeson Aoife, Jachimovič Andželika Teresa, Klingaitė Rasa, Kocer Ӧmer, Lavickienė Aušra, Matonyte Monika, Rumšas Armandas, Sariaslan Erdem, Sgaramella Teresa Maria, Staneva Zornitsa, Tsvetkova Ivana, Uixera Cotano Laura, Vatavu Mihaela Constantina.


Authors of the Training Course:

Ailincai Alina, Colibaba Cintia, Crippa Carlotta Maria, Drąsutė Vida, Gleeson Aoife, Staneva Zornitsa, Stefanoaie Ramona, Tsvetkova Ivana, Uixera Cotano Laura.


E-learning platform developer:

Bagdonavičius Mindaugas, Crippa Maria Carlotta.


If you have any questions please contact

The course is developed as part of the “INclusive CREAtivity through Educational Artmaking” project (Project N°: 2020-1-LT01-KA227-SCH-094736), funded under the Erasmus+ programme – Cooperation for Innovation, KA227 – Partnerships for Creativity.

Project duration: 1st March 2021 – 28th February 2023


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